Walkera Scout X4 Aerial Video/Photo Drone (GoPro Compatible)

Walkera Scout X4 Aerial Video/Photo Drone (GoPro Compatible)

Rental Rate (First Day) $120
Flight time Up to 25 minutes
Range 1km
Battery 22.2V 5400mAh Li-Po
Dimensions 335 x 335 x 275mm
Weight <2270g

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Promotional rental price of $120 ($100 without GoPro camera) for the first day inclusive of GoPro 3+ Hero Black, 32GB MicroSD card, 2 GoPro batteries and the drone package. Please call us for more information.


Enjoy over 50% off when you rent this item for long durations with us. Contact us for more information.


We offer a custom tuned Walkera Scout X4 that is equipped with the advanced ardupilot based FCS-X4 flight controller, allowing for position hold, return to home, circle, follow-me and a myriad of other features while taking full advantage of GPS guidance. The highly efficient 6S 22.2V power system allows for up to 25 minutes flight time, and when utilized with the included 2.4GHz Bluetooth Datalink module, it enables tablet/phone controlled mission planning with live telemetry (programmable autonomous flight plan).


The Scout X4 is more powerful and versatile than a DJI Phantom and features retractable landing gears, providing an unobstructed view when used with the included Walkera G-3D brushless 3-axis camera gimbal. This makes for a highly competent aerial video rig, capable of capturing footage that is smooth and professional looking.


The easy to fly nature of this craft allows an absolute beginner to take-off, fly & film in an area and land with complete confidence under the GPS guided mode. For more advanced pilots, a fully customisable stabilised mode without GPS guidance is always just a flick of a switch away. Even when due to operator error that the craft suffers an impact damage, replacement of parts is much cheaper compared to a Phantom.


This special package of the Scout X4 comes completely Ready to Fly including the Devention F12E radio transceiver (Professional 12 channel 2.4Ghz radio controller with live telemetry) with an integrated LCD video screen that offers a live view from the drone’s camera, 2.4GHz Bluetooth Datalink Module (allowing you to fly the model with your mobile phone or tablet), Walkera G-3D 3-axis brushless camera gimbal, TX5803 video transmitter (for use with GoPro), flight battery, F12E radio transceiver battery, charger and a hard travelling case to store and transport everything safely.


• Retractable landing gears
• Up to 25 minute flight times
• Devo F12E transmitter with 5″ LCD video screen for real-time aerial video
• Waypoint mission planning
• Real time telemetry monitoring
• ‘Follow Me’ mode
• Return to home and position hold
• Hyper IOC function
• Point of Interest flight function (circle around point of interest)
• Self tightening propellers


GPS Position Hold:
Newest GPS flight control system, providing more accurate flight and position hold capabilities.

Hyper IOC (intelligent orientation control) function:
IOC function could be activated regardless of aircraft heading

Auto-cruise function:
The aircraft can automatically cruise around the perimeter of a customizable flight radius.

Return-to-home function:
The aircraft autonomously return to and land at the take-off location when the return-to-home function is activated

Return-to-home failsafe:
If the aircraft strays beyond radio range, the aircraft will autonomously return to the take-off location.
Follow Me function:
Have your copter follow you as you move, using a BT radio and a ground station.


Radio: Devention F12E 2.4GHz transmitter (Mode 2)
Receiver: Devo-RX709
Brushless motor: WK-WS-34-002
Brushless ESC: WST-16AH(R/G)
Multi-axis control system: FCS-X4
Battery: 22.2V 5400mah LiPo battery
Ground station: 2.4GHz Bluetooth Datalink Module
Dimension: 335x335x275mm
Weight: 1770g(w/battery)
Flying weight: <2270g
Prop: 233mm


Walkera Scout X4 FPV Quadcopter
Devention F12E 2.4GHz radio transmitter with LCD screen (Mode 2)
2.4GHz Bluetooth Datalink Module
Walkera G-3D brushless 3-axis camera gimbal
GoPro Hero 3+ Black camera and 2 batteries
Devention TX5803 video transmitter (for use with GoPro)
A pair of specially tuned 5.8Ghz video transmission and receiving antennae
5400mAh 6S 22.2V intelligent flight battery
RC controller 3S 11.1v battery
Imax B6 battery charger
100~240V AC to DC 60W power supply
Spare propeller blades
User manual
Custom foam lined hard case for storage and transportation



Operators of this device are strongly advised to read up on any applicable laws and regulations involving the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and oblige by them. We are not responsible for any action(s) by the operator of this device that may result in any domestic or foreign laws/rules being contravened.


Link to Singapore’s regulation body: