Kessler Pocket Dolly V2.0 Slider (~1 metre)

Kessler Pocket Dolly V2.0 Slider (~1 metre)

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Length 38.5" (97.8cm)
Weight 7.5 lbs (3.4kg)

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Looking for a top end portable slider? Want to get smooth, consistent, short-run dolly shots, without having to carry around a dolly system and track? The Pocket Dolly™ is the solution for those shots!


At just 97.8cm in length and 3.4kg, the Pocket Dolly™ is very portable, so you can always get the shot you need, where ever you are. The unique crank handle and belt drive system, allow for approximately 78.7cm of quiet, consistent, smooth camera movement. Cameras weighing up to 6.8kg are supported.


The Pocket Dolly™v2.0 is smoother than other linear sliders due to its ball bearing wheel design and the carried inertia provided by its handle and belt drive system that gives it a more fluid feel than any other sliders.


100% custom CNC machined firm rail to reduce or eliminate flex. You won’t regret trying out this quality slider!