1.What are your delivery/pickup hours and charges?

2. When can I pickup my equipment and when do I need to return them by?

3. I’m not sure which equipment is best for my shoot. Please advice.

4. What if I have other queries not addressed above?

5. What are your rental rates?

6. I can’t find the equipment I want

7. Can I reserve the equipment?

8. How do I rent the equipment?


1. What are your delivery/pickup hours and charges?

We offer delivery and pickup 24hours around the clock to and from any location on mainland Singapore at a flat rate of $30 per trip between 10:00-20:00 and $50 per trip between 20:00-10:00.


Emergency delivery with less than 12hours of notice is chargeable at double the standard rate for the respective time periods.


2. When can I pickup my equipment and when do I need to return them by?

An appointment has to be made prior to the collection and return of the equipment. You may collect the equipment after 18:00 one day before the first day of rent, and return before 13:00 one day after the last day of rent at no extra charge. Early collection may be arranged subjected to availability.


We will always try our best to accommodate your timing and special pickup/return time can easily be arranged by calling us in advance. You are recommended to collect the equipment at our location, or have them delivered to you at a nominal charge.


3. I’m not sure which equipment is best for my shoot… Please advice.

We look forward to sharing our extensive knowledge and expertise with you! We have a network of experienced and patient photographers, and they will be glad to share with you their expertise in the appropriate choice of equipment for your particular requirements. We further differentiate our service by offering a complimentary tutorial to all our clients who wish to maximise the use of their selected equipment; we also offer crucial tips and tricks to you so that you are fully aware of the optimal lens & camera settings specific to your applications.


4. What if I have other queries not addressed above?

Please call/sms us at 9856 7072 or drop us an e-mail: enquiry@lens4lease.com


5. What are your rental rates?

Our indicative rates are available under ‘Rental Rates‘ in the main menu. You may rent for any number of days subjected to the equipment’s availability. Attractive discounts are provided for rental of more than 1 day, and/or for rental of 2 or more items together. Just contact us with your requirements and we’ll provide you with the applicable rates.


6. I can’t find the equipment I want….

Feel free to contact us anyway! We are constantly expanding our inventory and we may also be able to obtain the equipment from our partners. We encourage the discussion of any equipment that are not yet listed and you feel strongly that they should be included in our inventory. Do let us know!


7. Can I reserve the equipment?

Of course you can! Just go to ‘Reservation‘ in the main menu or click ‘Quick Reservation’ in any equipment page to fill up the form with the relevant details and we will contact you shortly. Alternatively, call/sms us @ +65 9856 7072 for the quickest response!


8. How do I rent the equipment?

Step 1:

Visit our website and browse for the equipment that you need.


Step 2:

Fill in our online reservation form found on the Reservation Page or you may also contact us (call/sms: 9856 7072, e-mail: enquiry@lens4lease.com) to reserve. We will then provide you with the account details for the payment of the rental fees if you wish to secure and finalise your booking. The reservation will be considered as finalised and binding upon our confirmation of full rental fees received, and this rental fees paid also acts as a non-refundable booking deposit in the event of a no-show or cancellation of a finalised booking. In the interest of fairness, the reservation and booking confirmation is on a first come first serve basis.


Step 3:

Bring along the cash payment (if payment was not yet made), your NRIC and Student Pass (if applicable) together with any of your original latest bill or governmental/banking correspondence that indicates your current address if you are a first time client. For unsecured loans, we will need to ascertain the client’s employment/income status. Proof of employment may be verified by either the client’s original payslip, an on-the-spot login to CPF Portal via the client’s smartphone using his/her SINGPASS, or for non-CPF paying individuals, by logging on to his/her internet banking page/application to demonstrate from the relevant bank statements as having a source of stable income. For clients who are self-employed, they may present their latest Notice of Assessment (NOA) which can be downloaded from IRAS website along with their bank statements. All information will be treated as strictly confidential and no employment related information other than employer name may be recorded under this security verification.

Clients may also opt to skip this security verification by renting under a secured loan with the provision of requisite collateral.


Step 4:

Collect the equipment at our premise, or have them delivered to you (at an extra fee).

It’s really that simple! We do not require a security deposit for most rentals from clients who are Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents (PRs) or Employment Pass (EP) holders with >6 months validity and having a stable source of income.