about us

We are a Singapore based camera and lens rental service provider with an extensive inventory of Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, lenses, flashes and other aerial & video equipment. We also provide a range of photo/video related consultancy services including advisory on equipment & photography solutions, provision of aerial & land photo/video specialists and the execution of customised training initiatives.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry and having a network of over 100 specialists from varying fields, you may rest assure that your unique requirements will be well addressed by us.


At Lens 4 Lease, we understand your needs and concerns as photographers. We too cringe at the idea of going for a wedding shoot without a quality back-up camera and spare batteries or shooting under challenging conditions without the proper set of lenses.


Whether it is to capture the poignant moment for that newly wed, put a smile on the birthday girl turning 21 or simply to capture those picturesque scenes of your dream vacation, Lens 4 Lease has something for everyone: the pros, the enthusiast or the newbie who has just learnt to use a DSLR.


Why? Because we love to shoot too! We also fully appreciate one’s frustration from bringing less than optimal equipment on your long-awaited holiday trip- those perfect moments missed being captured, the blurred photos from a slow lens and not to mention, the missed opportunities from ill-advised equipment choices and settings. Hence, we differentiate our service from others by offering a complimentary tutorial to all our clients who wish to maximise the utility of their selected equipment; we also offer crucial tips and tricks to clients so that they are fully aware of the optimal lens & camera settings for their chosen application(s).


Lens 4 Lease seeks to provide you with the appropriate equipment in excellent condition. If you have any query or need assistance from our panel of specialists, do call/sms us @ 9856 7072 or e-mail us, enquiry@lens4lease.com. We will be happy to propose a tailored solution based on your distinct requirements.